Composer: Coleman Hawkins


Occupation: Composer and Jazz Saxophonist

Education: Washburn College in Topeka, Kansas

Location: n/a

Birth Place: St. Joseph Missouri

Marital Status: Married to Deloris Hawkins

Birth Date: Novmeber 1st,1904

Death Date: May 19th, 1969

Status & Notes

Note One:
Born on November 1st, 1904. Hawkins's mother taught piano and at a young age he started music lessons. His mother taught him piano at five years old, he then took up cello at seven and finally starting his music career with tenor saxophone at nine. He attended high school in Chicago then later, moved to Washburn College in Topeka, Kansas for two years to study harmonies and composition. His first mentor was Mamie Smith when she hired him at the age of twelve to play in the Kansas city pit band (1921). Hawkins's mother was a schoolteacher who also played the organ, but there was no information on his father. One of Hawkins's most famous pieces was his Soul Bossa Nova.

Status One:
I've been working on my solo for Stampede since 1926!!

Note two:
The Hawk Relaxes (a full album) published on February 28th 1961 was one of his last compositions because it was so near to his death date. The genre was jazz, while the songs inside of it have many styles ranging from different styles of saxophone jazz to bop. There were 7 songs on the album in total making the whole creation 36:57 long.

Status Two:
Went on tour with the Jazz Hounds in 1923 and made it all the way to California! Man those were the days.

Note Three:
Coleman's creations and performances were always put into the category of the swing/big band era. His music style commonly fell under many sub genres of jazz, saxophone jazz, mainstream jazz and big band jazz. Swing and jazz are often associated with lilting style music. Focusing heavily on brass and saxophone to bring out it's full golden sounds. Coleman Hawkins was one of many influential artists of his time. He's even collaborated with some of the musical geniuses in this era.

Status Three:
Just recorded my first substantial solo the Dirty Blues. Going to remember this year forever! (1923)