Web Design

Web Design is all about creating the perfect user interface for your web site. Getting the right feel and layout can be crucial to how a vistor to your site will react.

Is it easy for users to find what you want them to and is it appealing enough to get them to stay. The design of your website can also effect how well individuals can find your site through external sources like search engines, social media or any other number of sources. This is why planning out a well designed website is crucial to its overall success.

Here at CDodge our focus is to first plan with you how you would like to site to look and take into consideration any branding you may already have – colours, logos etc.

Then, based on what you are trying to market, we devise up a Project Proposal that will suggest how we lay the site out, what platform we design it on, the overal sites functionality and include any plans to further market your site through SEO, online advertising & social media.

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